Services - Harman Custom Painting

Exterior Painting

We have repainted thousands of homes in Southwest Florida's golf course and gated communities. Although any given project may have some specific unique characteristics, most exterior repaints include the following set of parameters:

  • Pressure clean the entire exterior, pool decks, pool cages, roofs, and driveways may or may not be included depending on the project
  • Trench out around the base of the home or building 2-4" wherever possible usually mulch or rocks etc
  • Seal all the stucco with a product called Loxon sealer, This ensures that your new paint job were never well never peel or flake
  • Recaulk all the windows and doors when they with a good 55 year caulk
  • Repair all the cracks, do any dry wall ceiling repairs or stucco repairs that need done
  • Repair or replace any rotted wood
  • Treat, neutralize and rust prime any rust
  • Protect the roof and spray all the facia soffet and gutters so they look brand new
  • Apply a finish coat of a 100% acrylic premium exterior Sherwin Williams exterior satin paint
  • Also repair the cracks and repaint the pool deck or lanai floor

Interior Painting

A complete interior paint job can be a very invasive project, especially if you're living at home. We bring decades of experience to the table when it comes to this type of project. We usually come into someone's home and do the following:

  • Take down all fancy window treatments and remove all blinds
  • Move all furniture
  • Prep everything needed
  • Repair any drywall
  • We usually recaulk all the windows on the inside
  • Take down any wallpaper
  • Texture any patches
  • Paint all the ceilings, walls, and trim
  • In a seamless manner we then put it all back, impeccably

Pool Cage Painting

We completely refurbish and repaint pool cages. When complete, not only do they look brand new, they will last longer than a new cage. We can do all this for a fraction of the cost of a new cage and it will last longer. Here's the process..

  • Rip out and dispose of all the old screens
  • Pressure clean the pool cage
  • Replace all the rusted screws with stainless steel screws
  • Re-tapcon the bottom plate if needed
  • Wipe down the entire cage down with Denatured Alcohol to ensure that the new paint will never peel or flake
  • Repaint the cage with Sherwin Williams DTM Direct to metal paint, bronze or white
  • Install new doors and hardware and rescreen the cage