What Are the Best Paint Colors for a Kitchen?


When choosing the perfect paint color for your kitchen, you may find yourself at a loss. The wrong color could make one of the critical locations in your home too dark, cramped, bright, distracting, and more. No one blames you if you're a little overwhelmed. 

But picking a paint color doesn't have to be so hard. All you need is a little guidance to get you on the right track. 

Are you looking for somewhere to start your paint-picking journey? You're in luck! A list of the best paint colors for a kitchen is below. 

1. Green

When thinking of your kitchen, your mind may associate it with vegetables, ripe fruit, spices, and all things green. Why? Green is the color of both freshness and nature, two elements very present in the kitchen.

The color's connection to your kitchen makes it a strong contender in your search for the best paint. Green will draw out the earthy elements in your home and keep you in a natural state of mind. The best part is that green comes in many shades. 

You can keep your kitchen feeling light and airy by pairing lime or mint walls with white cabinets (or vice versa). If you prefer to stay on the dark side, try mixing emerald/forest green shades with wooden decor, chairs, or cabinets. Black and green are also bold choices for sleek, modern homes. 

2. Black and White 

If you want your home to have a classic or retro feel, consider combining black and white in your kitchen. The color combination adds a modern feel while paying homage to the iconic styles of the past.

You could either paint your cabinets white and walls black or do just the opposite. You could also find other ways to mix the colors in your kitchen, such as alternating cabinets or walls. If you want to go the extra mile, match a chequered rug to your room's floor. 

Whatever you choose, just make sure the combination feels uniquely you. 

3. Cream/Off-White 

If light and airy sounds like music to your ears, an off-white/cream kitchen might be the perfect addition to your home. Cream walls will make your kitchen feel bigger than it is and reduce the chance of guests feeling cramped in the space. This shade also reflects natural light nicely. 

If you enjoy opening your blinds and letting natural light into your house, an off-white color will help enhance the experience. Cream walls and white cabinets/counters are often a good combination. But if you're looking for something different, try mixing cream walls or cabinets with pastel pink, blue, purple, etc. 

The two colors will complement each other nicely without overpowering the space. 

4. Blue 

Blue adds a spark of life to any room, including your kitchen. The color works well against both calming and vintage decor. Navy blue walls with gold cutlery, chairs, or appliances will definitely breathe life into your kitchen. 

Darker blues also bring out the beauty inside concrete counters or walls. Light blues and white cabinets add a soft feeling to your kitchen space. If you want more than one color in your kitchen, mix orange cabinets with blue walls. 

Blue and orange are complementary colors, meaning the combination will contrast nicely. The colors will also make each other appear more vibrant. 

5. Light Brown

Brown may not be the first color that comes to mind when designing a kitchen, but still, the color should not be off your list. Brown is a natural color, allowing it to give your home an organic and natural feel. It is easy on the eye and brings the outside into the home. 

Light brown is the perfect color choice for anyone looking to keep a natural feel in their home while adding a little color to their kitchen. Wooden countertops or utensils will blend nicely with the paint color. Other natural colors, like green or yellow, also match light brown walls or cabinets. 

6. Pastel Pink 

Pink isn't just for flamingos. In fact, pink is one of the best kitchen paint colors. Before you ask, no, you don't have to cover your kitchen in blinding shades of the color (you definitely can if you want to).

Instead, think of light or muted versions of pink. Wooden cabinets make a statement against light pink walls. Pink also brings out the best in gold counters, appliances, and decorations. 

Pink everything isn't a terrible idea either. Varying shades of pink cabinets, walls, and counters often mesh into a fun (but mature) paradise. 

7. Red

Red is one of the best kitchen paint colors for anyone designing a rustic home. The color pays homage to barns, roosters, and farm trucks while keeping the home farm animal-free. 

Usually brick, terracotta, or apple reds blend nicely with rustic aesthetics, but you certainly aren't limited to these shades.

Mahogany and wine reds also compliment country themes. If you do plan to use darker shades of the color, try adding lighter decor to the room to prevent the space from feeling cramped. Big windows can also help darker rooms feel larger. 

Found the Best Paint Colors for a Kitchen?

Once you've found the best paint colors for a kitchen, it's time to begin applying the paint. If you live in or around Venice, Florida, and need help painting your kitchen, consider our services at Harman Custom Painting. We are a local company with more than 30 years of experience that specializes in both exterior and interior painting. 

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