Six Types of Commercial Painting Services


Owning any kind of business means you're busy handling things all the time. Add onto a commercial office building for that business and you've got a whole new maintenance checklist to keep up with. 

With so much to do to keep your building functioning, focusing on things like the interior or exterior paint can easily fall into the background. The paint job makes a big difference in not only how the building looks to visitors and employees but it's also important for protecting the walls as well. 

Making sure you get quality commercial painting for your building will make all the difference. These are six ways a commercial painting company can help you today! 

1. Clean and Prep the Area 

The key to a good paint job starts long before you even open the paint can and start brushing it on the wall. In order to get the best results, you have to take the time to prepare the area properly first. 

When you hire commercial painting contractors, you won't have to worry about doing any of that part at all. 

They'll handle removing any barriers to reaching the area, thoroughly clean the walls, and make sure the surfaces are primed to handle the new paint. This may even include patching holes and retexturing those areas. Professionals understand the importance of getting this part of the job done right and have amazing attention to detail. 

All of the prep work may seem useless but will show when the paint job looks perfect. 

2. Advise Paint Choices

Even if a paint job is executed flawlessly, it can be ruined by the wrong paint choice. A big part of utilizing commercial painting services is getting access to all of the knowledge their experience has given them. 

Your paint team can help you narrow down your color choices to the exact right one. They can give you an outside perspective of how it will read on the wall and how it relates to your company's logo and branding. It's also a good idea to get an idea of what it will look like after sun exposure to make sure it will age well. 

These professionals can even help you choose the right paint sheen for each aspect of the project. Every detail is chosen with care to give you a wonderful finish. 

3. Full Exterior Coverage

Painting an exterior is an extremely large job, even with a smaller building. It requires so much coverage to be able to look complete and professional. 

Since the walls are often so much taller and wider than their interior counterparts, it can take much longer to finish. You'll also likely need specialty tools like tall ladders, a paint sprayer, or extra-large rollers. Those things won't be needed often, so they aren't worth the investment for most businesses. 

This is why searching for "commercial painting contractors near me" is worth the extra effort. You'll save money and effort by letting the professionals do the job. And the final product will be much better too! 

4. Trim and Specialty Work 

While the overall coverage is obviously important to the final look and takes the most time, the trim and detail work is just as important. Getting these aspects just right will level up your whole building and make it shine. 

Painting trim takes a lot of precise skill and the right techniques to avoid making a mess. You have to have a steady hand and that requires most people to go extra slow, extending the time for the project significantly. Professional commercial painting contractors have those exact skills from all of their practice. Their skills allow them to move quickly while retaining positive results. 

Some businesses also would benefit from a unique extra design, like a logo mural or extra design details. Your painting team will be able to work with you to come up with a plan for these details and execute it meticulously. 

5. Interior Projects 

Commercial painting isn't limited to the exterior of your building either, it also extends into the inside as well. It's easy to think you can handle these spaces since people paint their homes all the time. But a commercial painting company can be a big benefit in this situation as well. 

Not only will they handle the painting for you, but they'll also move all the furniture out of the way and put it back again! You literally won't have to do a single thing. 

The design and overall look of your office building has a tremendous effect on how your company functions. A professional-looking office motivates employees to work hard. It also sends a message to customers that you're serious and successful. It's worth the investment to get your interior painted professional to achieve those goals. 

6. Finishing Details 

Once the paint is applied on the walls, whether inside or out of your building, the job isn't done quite yet. There are a lot of minor details that should be taken care of to get a full polished, final look. 

Things like removing old caulk and applying new around the windows will elevate the paint job. Also, some paints need a topcoat in order to help them last as long as possible. A professional painting crew will know what to do and handle all of those little tasks for you. 

Commercial Painting Services For You

Taking the time to get some commercial painting services done for your company's building will pay you back tenfold. A fresh, quality paint job will send the message to anyone passing by, customers, and employees that your company cares about their reputation and is willing to do the work to present a positive front. 

When you get a professional, quality paint job done, you won't have to worry about needing to get it done again for a long time. The superb results will stay looking great for years to come! 

If you're interested in getting a quote or learning more about what our team can do for you, contact us today!