Must-Know Steps to Prepare Your Home for an Interior Painting Service


Painting the interior of your home is a simple, inexpensive way to breathe new life into a space.

Whether you're renovating, remodeling, or just need a change, hiring an interior painting service guarantees the job's done right.

From choosing paint colors to protecting your floors and furniture, there are a few things you can do to prepare for painting day.

Keep reading for tips and tricks on prepping your home so the interior painters can work their magic without worry or fear of damage.

Grab your dropcloths and let's get started!

Protect and Move Furniture

Interior painting can get pretty messy so, for starters, protect, cover, or move any furniture in the immediate area. 

Move all small, hard furnishings including coffee, end, or entryway tables. Moving larger pieces like couches, beds, dining room sets, and entertainment centers could prove tricky.

Try moving these items to the center of the room and away from the walls. This allows painters to move freely and reduces the risk of damage. 

Once all the furniture is moved out of the way, it's time to cover it. While this might seem like an unnecessary additional step, covering your furniture with a drop cloth or old sheet protects it from paint splatter and dust.

Most painting contractors will bring their own floor coverings which may extend as far as 3 feet from the wall. These coverings protect your floor from not only paint and dust but foot traffic.

Protect Soft Furnishings

Your floors and furniture aren't the only items that need protecting when using house interior painting services.

Remove all soft furnishings including rugs, doormats, blinds, curtains, and drapes. Either store these items safely in another room or roll and cover them with plastic. 

A good rule of thumb for preparing for interior painting services is the more you move out of the way, the less likely your items are to be damaged. 

The painters you hire will also be grateful for the extra room to move around freely and work without disruption. 

Remove Knick-Knacks and Wall Hangings

Chances are, your home is filled with knick-knacks, pictures, and wallhangings that showcase your personality. While this is great for entertaining, these small, loose items can get in the way during an interior paint job.

When removing oversized pictures or wallhangings, it's important to leave the hardware in place. That way, you don't have to remeasure, rehang, or place additional holes in your newly painted walls.

Remove all knick-knacks from the area including tabletop decorations, mementos, and other personal items. Not only does this protect your privacy but it prevents the crew from accidentally knocking over or breaking fragile items. 

Protect Appliances and Electronics

Most interior painting projects are done in the main living areas including the living room and kitchen. These areas are often home to numerous electronics and appliances that need your attention. 

Large electronics including stereo systems, speakers, gaming consoles, and wall-mounted televisions should be removed if possible. Remove necessary cords and alert the painting crew of any items that need to remain plugged in.

Cover all appliances including refrigerators and stoves with a sheet or drop cloth. 

These big-ticket items are expensive, which is why you need to take extra care to protect them from paint or damage. Some homeowners may choose to relocate these items altogether. 

This ensures that paint splatter or drip from the ceiling doesn't deface any items below.

Another pro-tip for preparing your kitchen for interior paint is to remove all loose items from the cabinets including food, pots, pans, plates, and small appliances. This is especially important if the crew is painting the cabinets or closets themselves.

Consider Proper Ventilation

In addition to being a messy job, interior painting can also be a stinky one! Proper ventilation is important for both crew members and homeowners. 

Prepping and painting the interior of a home produces lots of dust and dangerous fumes. These fumes can linger for days after the project is complete, which is why proper ventilation is key both during and after interior painting.

The good news is, most modern paint brands are designed to reduce fumes and only emit minimal odor. Even so, keeping the windows in your home open will let those fumes out and allow fresh air in.

Crack your windows and doors before the paint crew arrives and leave them open after they leave. The more fresh air, the better!

Clear Pathways and Work Space

One of the most important parts of preparing for interior painting service is clearing plenty of space for the crew.

Moving furniture, electronics, and other large items away from the walls and to the center of the room is a great start. You should also keep in mind that most paint companies have several crew members on hand at once. This ensures that your project is completed quickly and efficiently. 

It also means clearing pathways and workspace so they can safely and easily move around. Designate a clear path from the entryway of your home to the project area where the painters to enter, exit, and transport their equipment. 

In addition to moving your items out of the way, it's not a bad idea to make yourself scarce as well. Schedule any appointments, errands, or meetings while the crew is hard at work.

With limited access to certain items and areas of your home, vacating the house is often the best option for everyone.

The Benefits of Prepping for Interior Painting Service

Chances are, you're hiring an interior painting service to improve the appearance and atmosphere of your home. The last thing you want is unexpected and costly damage.

Properly preparing for the paint crew you hire not only protects your cherished decor but also your best interests. Clearing the area and taking certain safety measures allows painters to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. 

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