Interior Painting: Six Reasons to Hire a Professional Service


As spring approaches, it's time to start thinking about home improvement projects. Most people think of spruces up the exterior to add some curb appeal. Don't forget your interior rooms...they need some TLC as well.

Modernizing your home with the latest colors could lead to purchasing new flooring, painting, and artwork. There's nothing wrong with doing a complete makeover or approaching one room at a time. If you're going to paint multiple areas, consider leaving to the pros.

There is more work that goes into interior painting. It's is more labor-intensive and can take longer than an exterior paint job.

Are you debating doing the work yourself or hiring professional painting contractors? Keep reading to learn why hiring a professional service is the better option.

1. Interior Painting is Time Consuming

Let's be honest, the biggest reason to hire someone for interior painting is it's a tedious, time-consuming home improvement project. Imagine having a full-time job and coming home in the evenings to paint rooms in your house. 

Yes, interior painting can be a weekend DIY project, but what else will you have to forgo to get the job finished. Chores get put to the side, time with family and friends is delayed, or you miss out on a beautiful beach day. Once you're done, there's the whole task of clean-up.

There is enough you'll have to do to prepare for the project. Interior painting can take days just to finish one room for the average novice. Plus, when your arms get tired, and your back starts to ache, the urge to put the project off can lead to long delays.

Save yourself the stress and hassle of doing the job yourself. When your rooms are revealed, you'll be glad you chose to hire someone.

2. The Service Can Bring a Team

When you go with a professional painting service, you'll get a team of skilled painters to work on your project. The company will make sure your job is fully staffed. Unlike doing the work yourself, if someone doesn't show up, the work doesn't stop.

A team also works well when it comes to the tedious aspects of the job. 

Your project may include painting, interior doors, ceilings, or trim work. These are tasks that can slow down a project. Imagine having individuals assigned to complete these tasks while someone is painting the interior walls. 

The cost to paint the interior of a house is usually based on the square footage and not the number of people painting the house. Professional companies want to get jobs done quickly and efficiently while providing the highest quality of work.

3. The Painters Will Move Furniture

Interior painting costs include moving furniture and protecting it from paint splatters. Professional painters will also bring materials to protect your furniture, floors, and decorations. 

Moving large pieces of furniture can be a burden for some homeowners. Lifting heavy pieces can lead to backaches. Sliding furniture across hardwood floors can scratch surfaces. 

The painting service you use has special equipment to move your furniture. When sliding heavy pieces, painters also use felt coasters and other products to protect floor surfaces.

Make sure to ask your painters if they are licensed and insured. 

4. They Can Help with Paint Selections

Now that you've decided to paint the interior of your home, the hard part begins. Believe it or not, choosing interior paint colors can be more time-consuming than painting the rooms. Paint selection is another valuable skill that comes with hiring a professional painting service.

Professional painters also know which brands make the best interior paint. They also understand the wrong paint choice will highlight every imperfection. Paints come in different formulas, including:

  • Eggshell
  • Flat
  • High-gloss
  • Semi-gloss
  • Satin
  • and custom finishes

Using their expertise, a painter will know which finishes make a room appear bigger, brighter, or work well with your decor. Painters can also employ the latest painting techniques to give a room its own personality.

Don't be afraid to share your ideas with the person you hire. They may agree with your selection and help bring your idea to life.

5. You'll Get a Detailed Quote

Have you ever set out to paint a room and thought you only needed a gallon of paint? Two gallons later, and you're still in need of more paint. Hiring a professional painter alleviates the stress of miscalculation and multiple trips to buy more paint.

The painter can tell you the cost to paint the interior of a house. They will measure to ensure the square footage entered into the calculations is correct. The painter can also determine how many coats of paint are needed.

Things like going from a dark color to a light color can increase the amount of paint coverage. The painter will know whether the walls need a special primer or if paint with a primer included will work.

Another cost associated with interior painting is wall repair. If your walls have damage or remnants of wallpaper glue, it could increase the cost. 

Get everything in writing that's included in the price quoted.

6. The Work is Guaranteed

Last, as for a guarantee that the work will be performed as specified in the quote. Guarantees include the type of paint and the quality. Don't assume the painter will use a specific brand or type of paint. 

Everything you discuss, particularly special projects, should come with some form of guarantee. A professional painting company will have no problem standing behind its work. 

Leave Your Painting Projects to the Pros

Interior painting is best left to the pros because they have the skillset and the teams to give your home a brand new look. Sit back, relax, and get ready for the new reveal.

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