Interior House Painting Trends in 2021


Today, we're going to be looking at some of this year's biggest and most exciting interior painting trends, for your consideration and inspiration.

Painting your home is a big undertaking. It requires a lot of thought and a lot of work—but it's also a lot of fun. Having the luxury to choose exactly the way your space looks is one of the best things about being a homeowner.

There's little more satisfying in life than being able to have everything, down to the tiniest detail, just the way you want it. But choosing colors can be a challenge. With every shade under the sun—and then some—at your fingertips, how should you choose which one is right for which room?

That's why today we're going through some of 2021's painting trends. From pops of color to organic inspirations, read on to find out the trends that are dominating interior design this year.

1. Rich Nature Tones

Natural tones are nothing new in interior design. But this year, instead of focusing on the traditional muted greens, browns, and beiges that might first come to mind when the words "natural tones" are mentioned, inspiration is being drawn from a different type of nature.

Think of the desert, canyons, earth. Rich terracotta, clay red, desert sand, and hints of luxurious moss green. These are not the colors of a lush forest or rolling hills, but the dusty and desolate beautiful American Southwest. This palette works well in hallways and living spaces.

2. Neutrals for Nurseries

In the past five or so years, neutrals have been growing in popularity. Once used as a mere backdrop or accent for brighter and more vibrant things, they've recently come more into the fore. Now, they're even coming into nurseries.

First either pink or blue, and later on any bright color you wanted, children's bedrooms have never traditionally featured many neutrals. But that's all changing. Now, browns, beiges, and muted greens are becoming more and more common in nurseries—it might not sound all that exciting, but with the proper execution, it works.

3. Inspired by Wine

Another new take on organic inspiration for 2021: red wine colors for the home. Red wine comes in so many beautiful colors, from ruby to burgundy to plum and even a delicate blush. And it just so happens that all of these colors can look amazing in various areas throughout the home.

What's more, many of these colors mix and match together beautifully. You can use one for an accent, another for a statement wall, one for the moldings—this is one wine pairing you're sure to love. Use these sumptuous shades of red in the bedroom or study for maximum effect.

4. A Unifying Color Story

Of course, it's true that different colors work in different spaces. This is why traditionally different rooms in a house will have different color palettes. But this year, one of the biggest interior painting trends is going to be one unifying color story flowing throughout the entire home.

Picking one or two colors and then using them in every room may sound like it could be repetitive and dull. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, this trend allows you to use slightly different shades in more creative ways and creates a pleasing cohesiveness throughout your home.

5. Pops of Brightness

Neutral walls with shocking pops of color. This is a more modern and striking color trend that won't suit every home—but if you're daring and don't shy away from eye-popping colors, it can make a really beautiful finish.

This look involves pairing neutrals like beige and white with little hints of different colors like hot pink, neon yellow, and turquoise blue. The brightness is contrasted somewhat with the more subtle neutrals, which balances this palette out. This look could work in almost any room—as long as you've got the confidence to pull it off.

6. Bringing the Outside In

The last of the nature-inspired painting ideas of 2021 is one of our favorites: bringing the outside in. This trend is all about recognizing the natural elements that surround your home and using them as inspiration for the interior decoration inside.

If you live by the sea, for example, you may want to use whites and blues in your living room. If your kitchen looks on to a beautiful garden, try bringing elements of green and mixes of colors to mimic the flora there. This trend is a great way of opening up and bringing nature into homes that don't naturally have the largest windows or strongest sense of indoor-outdoor living.

7. Vintage Is In

Oftentimes, color trends tend to take inspiration from previous decades. 2021 proves to be no different. This year, the bright and bubbly shades of the sixties and seventies are making a comeback. Play around with coral pinks, minty greens, and sunny yellows to make the most of this trend.

In order to avoid making your house look like a relic from a bygone era, mix and match these statement colors with more subtle tones. These colors can look amazing when tastefully used in kitchens or even living rooms.

Whatever Painting Trends You Choose: Choose Harman

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