Everything to Consider When Choosing a Pool Cage Painting Service


The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. This can only mean one thing: Summer is right around the corner!

While a pool cage allows you to enjoy a swim all year round, there's just something about taking a dip when the weather's just right. Yet, what do you do when your enclosure has seen better days? 

You don't have to look at a faded, chipped, or worn-out pool cage all season long. You just need to find the right team of professionals! Today, we're sharing our tips to help you choose the best pool cage painting service near you. 

Read on to discover what separates the top-tier crews from the rest of the competition, and give your outdoor space the revamp it deserves. 

What Does Pool Cage Painting Include?

Chances are, you first invested in a pool cage out of practicality.

You wanted an enclosure that would block your pool from bugs, debris, and other unwanted visitors. You also wanted a reprieve from the sun's beating UV rays, as well as an easier way to keep your water clean. Whether you installed your cage brand-new or it was already with your home when you purchased it, it's likely served a great purpose over the years. 

Now, however, there's a chance that it's showing its age. 

Think about it: To keep damage away, your pool cage has to absorb the brunt of that impact on its own. The sun, rain, and pests that it encounters on a regular basis can take their toll over the years. 

Pool cage painting simply restores your enclosure to its original glory. When you team with a reputable company like Harman Custom Painting, you can rest assured that the final product will be completely refinished to your specifications. It will also outperform and outlast your previous structure. 

With these services, you can save the time and money associated with shopping for a new cage. What can you expect when we arrive? Here's a quick glimpse into our process. 

Our Approach at Harman Custom Painting

First, before we begin painting, our team will rip out and dispose of all of the old screens in your enclosure. Then, we'll pressure-clean the pool cage to remove any surface-level damage or debris. At this time, we'll also replace any screws that have rusted with new, stainless steel ones. If needed, we'll also re-tapcon the bottom plate. 

To make sure the new paint adheres to your pool cage seamlessly and successfully, we'll then wipe the entire surface down with denatured alcohol. This simple step ensures that the paint will hold fast to the enclosure without peeling or flaking. Finally, we'll repaint the cage with Sherwin Williams DTM (Direct to Metal) paint in your choice of bronze or white. 

Once we install new doors and hardware, we'll rescreen the cage and you're ready to go! The result is a pool enclosure that looks brand-new but without the sky-high price tag.

While this is our method, we know that not all of the teams in this industry follow such stringent, quality-driven procedures. How can you be sure that the company you hire will be up to the task? Next, we're sharing a few features to consider before you allow any crew to work at your home. 

Require Industry Experience

The company you hire should specialize in a variety of residential and commercial painting services, spanning both interior and exterior spaces. This way, they'll know exactly which processes to follow and the right types of products to use.

Without specific pool cage painting experience, they could miss some major steps and leave you with a half-finished project. While it's true that every team has to start somewhere, you don't want your pool cage to be the first one they try. 

While you're interviewing prospective painters, start by asking them how many pool cages they've painted in the past. Are they well-versed in industry-leading tools and techniques? 

As Florida's premier painting service, we've repainted thousands of properties around Southwest Florida. Our team members have decades in the painting industry, and we're equipped and experienced to handle every customer need. 

Check Out Reviews

According to recent research, 84% of people trust online feedback as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members. As you consider your local options, don't forget to ask for references and reviews. 

Start by checking with your inner circle. Use tools such as Facebook Recommendations to ask your followers if they've had their pool cage repainted recently. If so, who did they use and how did the experience go?

It's always best to hear firsthand from consumers who have used services you're considering. If you strike out there, simply hop online and search for terms such as "pool cage painting near me". The results that you find should include a link to each company's Google My Business profile. 

When you click each link, you can often find reviews and ratings from customers who have patronized those services in the past. Use this data to compile a short list of viable options. Then, click through their websites to learn more about what others are saying about them.

Usually, companies will include a separate web page full of past performances and customer reviews. You can find all of ours on this page!

Look At Past Projects

Any painting company can wax poetic about the excellent work they do. However, images rarely lie. 

If possible, ask to see images from the company's past projects, specifically those that involved painting a pool cage. This is a great way to gauge your project against the scale of what the company usually does. It also helps you get a visual idea of how your new pool cage might turn out. 

If you receive any kind of pushback at this request, mark that company on your list. Reliable painters will be more than happy to share pictures of their past work. To make this step easy, we've compiled all of ours on our Facebook page

Prioritize Prompt Communication

If your pool cage needs repainting, you can't afford to wait for months until a painting crew can work you into their schedule. Instead, it's best to hire a team that can get started as quickly as possible. 

When reading reviews, pay attention to any feedback that talks about the company's promptness, or lack thereof. You want a crew that not only does timely work, but is fast to respond to any questions or issues that you may have during the project. If you always feel like you're playing telephone tag, you'll grow frustrated with the project before it even begins. 

When you first reach out to make contact, take note of how long it takes the company to get back to you. Are they responsive and courteous in their communication? These might seem like small details in the preliminary stages, but they're more important than you might think. 

Require a Business License

Put simply, the company you hire to paint your pool cage should be a legitimate, licensed business entity. Sure, your neighbor's cousin's brother might do a little exterior painting on the side, but this is serious business and should be treated as such. 

Before moving forward, request to see a copy of the company's business license. This cements their credibility and reassures you that they're set up for the long haul. Otherwise, hiring someone who simply moonlights as a pool cage painter could leave you scratching your head and searching your pockets. If they abandon the project halfway through, you'll have little to no recourse to get back what you're owed. 

Require Business Insurance

Both interior and exterior painting comes with their own set of risks. This is why it's smart to stick with contractors who carry both general liability and worker's compensation insurance policies. 

This way, if the unthinkable happens and someone gets hurt on the job, you won't be held personally liable for their medical treatment. The same applies to property damage. If anything or anyone is compromised while working on your property, this coverage can kick in and help make it right. 

Ask About Guarantees

Can the painting company you're calling guarantee that you'll love their work when they get done? Do they stand by their craftsmanship and promise that it will meet expectations?

At Harman Custom Painting, we do. 

Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means that you'll absolutely adore your repainted pool cage. If for any reason you don't, then we'll keep adjusting it as necessary until we get it right. If you're speaking with a company that can't offer the same level of service, then consider that a red flag and continue your search elsewhere. 

Make Sure They're Careful With Your Home

Any time you welcome a professional painting crew into your home, you're allowing them access to your property. In return, they should treat your space like their own. 

This means being clean and courteous at every turn, regarding your property to the highest degree. The team you hire to paint your pool cage should be professional, meticulous, and conscientious enough to earn your business and your respect.

Not only does our painting crew perform neat, tidy work, but we're also careful to clean up at the end of each day. 

Request a Free, In-Home Estimate

Be wary of any pool cage painting company that offers to give you a quote on your project without ever stepping foot onto your property. While there are many reputable crews out there, the reality is that there are also unscrupulous ones who are only out to scam unknowing customers. 

Every painting job is unique, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all price that covers every service. That's why we start by connecting with our customers through a free, in-home estimate. Once we schedule a time that works in your family's schedule, we'll walk through your space and learn a little more about your needs. 

Then, we'll evaluate all of this data to provide you with a detailed, accurate quote that's appropriate for the span of your project.

Ensure Thoughtful Project Follow-Up

The work doesn't end when your pool cage is freshly repainted. You need a painting service that will follow up with you down the road to make sure you're still satisfied with the end result.

When your enclosure is painted and the screens are back on, our team will perform a thorough, final on-site inspection. We'll make sure every box is checked and that you're fully satisfied before we finish. In addition, we often partner with an independent quality assurance team to contact our customers once their projects are complete. 

We use the data obtained through this feedback to sharpen our approach and provide the highest level of service possible.

Consider Personality Style

The painters responsible for your pool cage should be people who you genuinely trust. You can usually tell from the initial interaction if this will be the case. 

If their personality bristles against yours, it doesn't matter if they're the most skilled painters on the planet. The project could ultimately derail, or at least be pretty uncomfortable. As you ask interview questions, pay attention to the vibe you get and consider whether or not their personalities mesh well with yours.

If the answer is no, then keep searching until you find a team that you feel comfortable taking the helm of this expansive endeavor. 

Hire the Best Pool Cage Painting Service in Venice

Summer is the season to show off your pool cage in Florida. Even with excellent upkeep, yours might need a fresh coat of paint to help it look its best. 

This is where we come in. 

At Harman Custom Painting, we're proud of the track record we've earned. For decades, we've helped homeowners and business owners in and around Venice, FL achieve the properties of their dreams.

We'd love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Our pool cage painting service is only the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to take a look at the rest of our painting services and learn more about what we can do.

Then, contact our team when you're ready to get started!