Commercial vs Residential House Painters: What's the Difference?


The house painting industry in the U.S. is worth $17 billion.


Painting improves the curb appeal of a property. Excellent paint can also prolong the life of the sidings and increase the value of the property.

To enjoy the painting benefits, you should get high-quality paint and work with a seasoned painter. The ideal painter should have the right painting expertise on your residential or commercial property.

This guide explains the differences between residential house painters and commercial house painters. Hopefully, the information will help you choose the ideal painter for your property.

Commercial House Painters

Commercial painters specialize in large scale commercial projects. They paint in industries, workplaces, and all other commercial areas which need bulk painting services. 

Mostly, they work as a team due to the large scale nature of the work. Here is everything you should know about the industrial painters.

Strict Training

Commercial painters go through strict training programs to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to paint high-story buildings and other sensitive commercial buildings.

The training also familiarizes them with commercial building materials and structures. They use specialized construction tools to paint on complex industrial structures and to protect themselves.

Wider Painting Services

Commercial painters offer a wide array of painting services. You can find them working in hospitals, schools, offices, airports, and so on. They provide other services, including faux finishing, sandblasting, and so on.

You might need them when you need the following services:

  • Office painting
  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Interior and exterior painting for commercial properties
  • Power washing
  • Flooring and sandblasting

Commercial painters must adhere to strict rules and regulations set by the state's government. Since they work in public ones, the rules help them remain safe and observe the people's safety as well.

Residential House Painters

Residential house painters work at homes. You can hire them when you want to renew your old paint or paint your newly constructed home. 

Unlike commercial painters, the home painters work on small scale projects. They have specialized tools for house paints, which help them polish all the walls and other aspects of your home to enhance its appeal.

Here are more details regarding the home painting services:

Smaller Teams

As mentioned, the home painters handle small projects. Thus, they work in smaller teams. On average, they can be 2 of 3 painters per project, and they can work for a few days every week. Also, the painters may only paint during the working hours only.

Home-Based Duties

Duties and responsibilities for residential painters are all home-based. You may hire them when you need the following services:

  • Home painting and drywall
  • Minor paint maintenance at home
  • Pre-painting stripping the older paints, filling holes and cracks, etc.
  • Applying vinyl fabrics, wallpaper, and other coatings in residential apartments

They might also help you choose the ideal paint for your home and carry out the necessary painting maintenance services.

Understanding the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Painters

By now, you are probably aware of the main difference between residential and commercial painters.

Here is a summary of the main differences between the two painting professionals.

The Number of Painters

Commercial painters work on large numbers. This is because they handle complex and more significant projects, which need many painters for effectiveness.

On the other hand, residential painters work in smaller numbers because many homes are smaller in size.

Working Availability

The commercial painters work according to the client's schedule.

At times, they may work until late or even work on weekends to accomplish the projects. Most residential painters work strictly from Monday to Friday, and they might work for eight hours only every day.

Skills and Experience

Residential and commercial painters have different levels of skills.

The commercials painters are skilled in handling industrial properties only. The home painter's knowledge is based on handling residential furniture, home appliances, gutters, and other things at home.

Volume of Paint

Commercial painters use a lot of paint to complete the work. The projects are usually large, that's why they consume much paint.

Residential painters use a lower volume of paint according to the surface area of the rooms.

Choosing the Right Painter

Painting is quite sensitive, considering that it determines the appearance of your property. You should only work with an experienced painter who understands their work.

Here are crucial tips for hiring a painter for your property.

Plan Well

The first step to get an excellent home painter is to plan well, write down your needs and specifications for the painting task. 

Write down the budget too, and the desired timeframe which you would like the painter to take on the projects. When you plan well, it will be easier to get the right painter for your needs.

Compare Estimates

Get cost estimates from different painting firms. You will be surprised how the average cost to paint the interior of a house varies among companies. 

The right estimates should include not only the price quotation but also the services the painting will consist of. Work with the painter who promises the best service for the money.

Check Reviews

The ideal painter should be reputable.

The past clients should be all satisfied with the services they received from them. You may check the reviews from the painters' website, social media platforms, and so on. Avoid painters with many negative remarks.

Consider the Guarantee

A great painter should provide a guarantee for the painting services. They should take full responsibility for any peeling, chalking, fading, or blistering. So, discuss the warranty requirements well before the painting process starts.


Lastly, find out the experience level of the painter.

You will be more confident with a home painter who has been in the industry for many years. Ask them how long they have been in the industry before you hire them.

Make an Informed Painting Decision

Hopefully, you now know the difference between residential house painters and commercial painters. If you have a property that needs painting, consult the right specialists for the projects. Follow the above criteria, too, to get the best painter.

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