7 Things to Look for in a Commercial Building Painter


Are you the owner of commercial property in need of a fresh coat of paint? Or perhaps you're a facilities manager looking to freshen up the appearance of some of your buildings?

If you're looking to have your commercial property painted, you probably have some questions about how to go about finding the right person for the job.

Having a professional do the job is the key to achieving good results. Here we'll discuss seven things to look for when hiring a building painter for your commercial property needs.

1. Hire a Building Painter With Commercial Experience

When you're searching for someone reliable to paint your commercial property, you don't want an amateur to do the job. Though you might be tempted to hire a painter without experience so you can save some money, you'll likely end up paying for it with a poor result.

Knowledge and experience are essential, as there are specific requirements and processes required to paint a commercial building well. 

Commercial painting requires different skills compared to residential painting. Commercial buildings are made up of a wider variety of materials and surfaces not commonly found on most residential properties.

Because of this, commercial painters may need different products and to follow different preparation procedures. The painting contractor that you choose should know which products and painting methods will provide the longest-lasting results. 

Look for a building painter that has been in business for a while and has experience in painting commercial properties. 

2. A Solid Reputation

Regardless of the amount of experience that a commercial painter has, it's also important to know that they are going to do a good job. But how can you tell if they haven't worked for you yet?

One way to determine if they are right for the job is to ask the contractor for some of their past commercial customers. Reach out to these customers and ask for some feedback on the painting job that was done for them. Ask about the quality of work, the customer service they received, and any other criteria that matter to you.

You might want to ask if the painter was on time, if they stayed within budget, and if they cleaned up well once they were done with the job. 

You can also check for reviews online. You might check for reviews on Google, Angie's List, Home Advisor, and Yelp. Seeing what other customers have to say is helpful when narrowing down your search. 

3. Good Communication

When you contact a painting contractor, whether online, by email, or by phone, you should be able to expect a response within 24 hours. 

When you do speak with the company, do they treat you professionally and with respect? Are they willing to answer your questions and discuss your project with you? If they come off as impatient or unwilling to provide you with information, this isn't a good sign.

Reputable painters will take time to discuss your needs and wants, so they know how to help you best. 

4. Free Estimates

A trustworthy commercial paint contractor should be willing to provide you with an accurate free estimate on your project. They should make an appointment to come to your location and assess the site.

During this consultation, they'll get your specifications, provide recommendations, and answer your questions. They should also document all the details of the project and present it to you so you can review it and approve it before moving forward.

Be cautious of any building painter who doesn't offer a free estimate before they attempt to take on the job. 

5. A Written and Signed Contract

Before you allow a building painter to begin a job for you, make sure you have a signed contract in place before any of the work starts. You should never hire a commercial painter without one. This contract should include key details such as the scope, colors and type of paint, any other materials that will be used, a schedule for the start date and estimated completion date, a payment schedule, and a warranty. 

The contract should also mention how any unforeseen issues will be handled. For example, what will happen if repairs are needed, if bad weather delays the project, or if building rot or decay is discovered during the painting process? An understanding should be in place ahead of time, and it should be in writing. 

6. Price

The price of the painting project will always be a factor when hiring commercial painting contractors. But getting the lowest price in town shouldn't be the only determining factor.

Consider other important aspects when thinking about the price. The quality of the paint, guarantees, warranties, and proper preparation can lead to better results. You usually get what you pay for, so if a price seems too good to be true, exercise caution. 

7. License and Insurance

Make sure that the commercial painting company you hire has a state-issued license before you even consider hiring them. The painting contractor should also have general liability and workers' compensation insurance to protect them and their workers in case of injury. This insurance coverage will also protect any visitors, employees, or customers of your own should an injury occur during the painting project. 

Allow Our Professional Team to Get the Job Done

Now that you've learned seven things to look for when hiring a building painter to take care of the exterior of your commercial property, we invite you to learn more about what our team of professionals has to offer. We have experience in both residential and commercial painting, and we provide a free estimate and a 100% guarantee on our work. 

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